Guitar Techniques - - Freddie King Takin’ Care Of Business -

[Cho­rus 2: Bars 21-36] Clap­ton fans will recog­nise many of the licks in here, es­pe­cially the turn­around sec­tions, since Fred­die was a huge in­flu­ence on gui­tarists like Eric Clap­ton and Peter Green. [Solo 1: Bars 37- 48] And we’re off! Fred­die takes flight with some clas­sic blues phrases in shape one of the Db mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale. Dig in hard and re­ally at­tack the strings. See if you can make your string bend­ing and fin­ger vi­brato ag­gres­sive and pow­er­ful. The phras­ing in bar 42 is laid-back so the rhythm here is just a guide. The phrase in bar 45 fea­tures some fast, three-note fall- offs. These are a pop­u­lar de­vice in blues solo­ing and act as a punc­tu­a­tion point.

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