Guitar Techniques - - Play: Exotic Scales -

For ex­am­ples of the al­tered scale, check out the so­los of Ge­orge Benson, Wes Mont­gomery and Pat Martino. For the sym­met­ri­cal scale try Jim Hall, Robben Ford and Mike Stern. The Mixoly­dian b6 has been em­ployed by Joe Sa­tri­ani, Frank Gam­bale and Larry Carl­ton. Ly­dian dom­i­nant users in­clude Scott Hen­der­son, Joe Pass and Sonny Rollins. The Phry­gian dom­i­nant is of­ten favoured by Yngwie Malm­steen and Al Di Me­ola. You can hear the whole tone scale ex­ten­sively in so­los by Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp, as well as in the mu­sic of De­bussy .

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