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Al­tered Scale Ex 1 Our first ex­am­ple of al­tered scale play­ing con­sists of a 16thnote run, which pri­mar­ily uses a three-notes-per-string shape (not on the sec­ond string). Re­mem­ber­ing that you are play­ing the notes of Bb melodic mi­nor might help you see the shape quicker. Take your time work­ing out a good fin­ger­ing and feel free GUI­TAR to stray from TECH­NIQUES my use of legato 2 - this 2 9 could all be picked as well. Al­tered Scale Ex 2 For this V7alt – Im9 pro­gres­sion the high C note (#9), which continues into the de­scend­ing ar­peg­gio along the top three strings at the 6th fret, cre­ates a clas­sic jazz lick. You could sweep pick the three notes (Bb, F, C#), us­ing your first fin­ger to barre the 6th fret, slid­ing to the 5th fret then con­tin­u­ing down the scale to re­solve on F (b3rd of Dm9).

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