Guitar Techniques - - Soloing Over 7ths -

Sym­met­ric Di­min­ished Ex 2 Here we have a colourful se­quence that es­sen­tially con­sists of ma­jor tri­ads de­scend­ing in three-fret in­ter­vals. I pre­fer us­ing first and sec­ond, then first and third fin­gers for each de­scend­ing triad along with sweep pick­ing (al­ter­nate or hy­brid pick­ing is pos­si­ble though). No­tice that the pat­tern con­tains four notes, but the rhyth­mic group­ing is triplets. Sym­met­ric Di­min­ished Ex 3 We start by as­cend­ing the scale us­ing a fournotes-per-string pat­tern. Use first, sec­ond and fourth fin­gers and slide up an­other semi­tone with your fourth. The sec­ond half moves in b3rd in­ter­vals, this time adding a pull- off. We fin­ish with more ‘snakey’ scale lines based around the E shape (CAGED sys­tem), which com­bines pick­ing and legato.

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