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Phry­gian Dom­i­nant Ex 3 This ex­tended 12-bar starts out by play­ing with the same ar­eas of ten­sion and re­lease as we saw in the first ex­am­ple, namely the b2nd/root (ten­sion/re­lease) and 4th/3rd (ten­sion/re­lease). Then we em­bark on a de­scend­ing 3rds se­quence. Make sure you hatch a good plan for a fin­ger­ing and stick with it, build­ing up speed slowly. I rec­om­mend us­ing fourth fin­ger for the 9th fret on the first string, as well as the 8th fret on the sec­ond string, 8th fret on fourth and fifth, and 9th fret on the sixth. Fol­low­ing this, we have a se­quen­tial se­ries of pull- offs with the open first string as your an­chor, which is a com­mon type of har­monic de­vice for some of the kinds of styles in which the Phry­gian Dom­i­nant gets used. We fin­ish off with an­other se­ries of triplets, again re­volv­ing around the root/b2nd and 3rd/4th in­ter­vals, as well as the 5th/b6th. Pay good at­ten­tion to your pick­ing tech­nique while get­ting this fi­nal cas­cade of picked triplets up to speed. Al­ter­nate pick­ing should pro­duce a great re­sult. Whole-tone Scale Ex 1 Here we have a handy as­cend­ing se­quence, which goes up six notes of the whole-tone scale at a time, while main­tain­ing a three-notes-per­string pat­tern as it trav­els up the neck. I com­bine pick­ing and ham­mer- ons in this ex­am­ple, but you could of course also try us­ing ham­mer- ons ex­clu­sively or pick­ing ev­ery note in true shred gui­tar style.

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