Guitar Techniques - - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony 40 -

[Bar 9] In the first few bars fin­ger­ing is in­di­cated for both hands to get you started. On the last half beat of bar 9 I use a ‘hinge’ barre – the F pulls off onto the E note us­ing the first fin­ger as a full barre but the tip of the fin­ger stays off the sixth string so as not to mute the low D. The fin­ger is then in ready place to press down a full barre at bar 10. Same thing hap­pens on the last beat of bar 11 into bar 12. The same kind of hinge barre is also used in bar 15 but the other way round; the barre lifts off on beat 3 for the open E note but the tip of the fin­ger re­mains in place on the bass note Bb to keep it sus­tained to the end of the bar.

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