Guitar Techniques - - Joe Louis Walker -

Our first solo is very much in the T- Bone Walker style, based around a stan­dard 12- bar shuf­fle in the key of C. Joe opens with C mi­nor to C ma­jor pen­ta­tonic idea util­is­ing the blues note (b5, Gb) with a slide on the sec­ond string re­solv­ing on the root note (C). The fol­low­ing phrases (bars 1- 4) ex­pand on this idea fur­ther, dec­o­rat­ing the ba­sic form with chro­mat­ics and chord tones out­lin­ing a C7 ar­peg­gio in bar 2 then branch­ing into some mi­nor pen­ta­tonic ideas for bar 3. When we move to the IV chord (F9 - F A C Eb G), Joe continues to use the C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (C Eb F G Bb), which as you can see con­tains sim­i­lar notes, out­lin­ing an F7 ar­peg­gio in bar 6. A jazzy idea in bar 7- 8 where we tar­get the root note of the V chord (G9) with an en­clo­sure idea by as­cend­ing with dou­ble-stops then de­scend­ing with chords (A9, Ab9, G9), be­fore hit­ting G9. We fin­ish with the turn­around fea­tur­ing C mi­nor and C ma­jor based lead play­ing.

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