Ex­AM­PLE 2 oc­tave melody

Guitar Techniques - - Ronny Jordan -

Like nu­mer­ous other jazz gui­tarists (most no­tably Wes Mont­gomery), Ronny uses oc­taves to beef up his play­ing - the lower oc­tave adding body to the up­per oc­tave. It also en­cour­ages you to be more melodic and less ‘box’ based with your phras­ing. No­tice how the syn­co­pated D Do­rian melody (D E F G A B C) is rounded off in bar 4 with chord voic­ings in 4ths. You can hear Ronny us­ing these types of chords on tracks like So What, which up the so­phis­ti­ca­tion quota with­out con­fus­ing the un­der­ly­ing har­mony. If you like this type of chordal ap­proach you could do a lot worse than check­ing out the jazz pi­anist, McCoy Tyner.

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