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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

Al­though the in­creased sus­tain and com­pres­sion pro­duced from us­ing more gain’makes tap­ping eas­ier, it also in­creases your chances of pro­duc­ing ex­tra­ne­ous han­dling noise: and your tone will suf­fer too; con­se­quently, you need to find a work­ing com­pro­mise be­tween be­ing pre­pared to work a bit harder with less gain, but not mak­ing things tor­tu­ously dif­fi­cult. Gen­er­ally, if you have a gui­tar with sin­gle- coil pick­ups, try get­ting 25% of your dis­tor­tion from the pedal and 75% from the amp. You’ll find that the re­sults are sweeter and more com­pressed (even and tighter sound­ing) than when get­ting 100% of the dis­tor­tion from the amp. Fi­nally, some re­verb and de­lay (matched to the tempo of the track) will help to give both size and smooth­ness (pol­ish) to the gui­tar sound.

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