Guitar Techniques - - Sweeps And Taps -

EX­AMP LE 1 We start off with a four-note ver­sion of some of the five-string ar­peg­gio shapes in Di­a­gram 1. The ex­tra fourth string notes on each ar­peg­gio in bar 2 serve to cre­ate Am add9 (A C E B) to G add9 (G B D A) re­spec­tively. Crit­i­cally here, the use of fret­ting hand taps to de­scend each ar­peg­gio saves the pick­ing hand from hav­ing to rush into po­si­tion from the pre­vi­ous pick­ing hand tap. EX­AMP LE 2 More four-stringed arpeg­gios here; only this time we are us­ing shapes fur­ther up the neck, and are shift­ing from one to the other via a slide on the first string. Note that, in bar 5, the sec­ond ar­peg­gio shape has been mod­i­fied some­what to cre­ate a sus­pended ver­sion that can be played to a strict triplet count (see beat 3).

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