Guitar Techniques - - Sweeps And Taps -

EX­AMP LE 5 There are more six-stringed arpeg­gios here. In the sec­ond bar of this ex­am­ple, we have a two-ar­peg­gio com­bi­na­tion com­pris­ing gi­ant forms of the Am and G ar­peg­gio shapes shown in Di­a­gram 1. Again, watch your tim­ing; as in the pre­vi­ous ex­am­ple, you should be play­ing 16th-note triplets through­out bar 10. EX­AMP LE 6 This six-string ar­peg­gio ex­am­ple is very sim­i­lar in con­cept to the pre­vi­ous one, only this one em­ploys and em­bel­lishes ar­peg­gio shapes from Di­a­gram 1 that ex­ist fur­ther up the neck. Your time keep­ing can of­ten be helped if cru­cial things such as pick­ing hand taps ap­pear on the first note of the beat. Here they don’t; how­ever, as we dis­cussed in the pre­vi­ous les­son, plac­ing taps on off­beats helps to dis­guise their use from the lis­tener. EX­AMP LE 7 This fi­nal ex­am­ple shows just how much mileage can be made out of em­bel­lish­ing a sin­gle ar­peg­gio shape in a va­ri­ety of ways. Here, we find a large ar­peg­gio com­bi­na­tion fea­tur­ing a lot of ex­tended tap­ping ac­tiv­ity, and only one ini­tial sweep.

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