Ex­Am­plE BRent MA­Son Style Solo

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bars 17-25] of note in this sec­tion of the solo is the held bend in bar 19, where you need to hold the sec­ond string bend to pitch while fret­ting the ap­pro­pri­ate notes on the first string be­fore a very quick fret­ting hand move down to the 3rd fret for the lick in bar 20. the third-string bend from D to E over the C ma­jor chord at the end of bar 21 is held, so again make sure the pitch­ing is ac­cu­rate. the dou­ble-stop de­scend­ing lick over the D ma­jor chord in bar 24 leads into a more un­usual bend in bar 25. this is quite tough, so you may want to try us­ing the third fin­ger of your fret­ting hand for this.

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