Ex­Am­plE 10 LonG IIIVIIIVIs In B FLat

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Over the Dm7 Wayne moves up and down a Dm9 ar­peg­gio, then over the Db7 he plays around Db ly­dian b7 with a chro­matic pass­ing note, end­ing on the 5th (D) and 3rd (B) of G7 (of which Db7 is a tri­tone sub­sti­tu­tion). Over the Cm7 he moves up the C mi­nor scale then down a Cm7 ar­peg­gio, then comes down B ly­dian b7 with a chro­matic pass­ing note and re­solves to Bb5, fol­lowed by a rather ‘out’ sound­ing tri­tone idea be­tween B and F over the B di­min­ished 7. For the clos­ing 3 bars, he moves up a Cm7 ar­peg­gio into an im­plied G7 and back to Cm over the Cm7, then comes down a B ma­jor triad over the B7 and re­solves to the root of the Bb­maj7. I hope you’ve en­joyed our look at this in­trigu­ing gui­tarist.

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