Ex­Am­plE 9 G Ma­jor LIne

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Wayne opens with a sim­ple G6 mo­tif, then syn­co­pates and ex­tends it around the Am7 and D7 chords with some chro­matic move­ment. Over the short III-VI-II-V he moves up B mi­nor pen­ta­tonic then lands on the 3rd (G#) of the E7 on beat 4, then out­lines Am7 and D7b9, re­solv­ing to an im­plied Gmaj7 (an­tic­i­pat­ing both chords by a beat) over the Dm7. Over the G7 and Cmaj7 he throws in a nice in­ter­val­lic idea, end­ing on the 9th (G) over the F7.

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