Ex­am­ple LAURA MAR­LING style

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bars 11-12] There is an­other us­age of a ‘com­mon tone’ here – this time it’s the open first string E which acts as a hinge be­tween the F and G chords. [Bar 17-18] You can try the var­i­ous pick­ing meth­ods de­scribed be­fore over the D mi­nor and G chords; you may find you have a pref­er­ence for us­ing the thumb on more than one bass string or you may pre­fer to bring in the first fin­ger more – in bar 18 the thumb can pluck sixth string then fourth, or the thumb can pluck the sixth fol­lowed by the first fin­ger pluck­ing the fourth. [Bar 27] This first in­ver­sion (3rd in the bass) E ma­jor is a sur­prise for the ears but it works as a great tran­si­tion back to A mi­nor and al­lows the bass notes to rise from G to G# and fi­nally back to A, a com­mon song­writer’s de­vice.

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