Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Rockschool -

The lay­out of the gui­tar fret­board is such that the same pitch can be pro­duced at mul­ti­ple points on dif­fer­ent strings. Know­ing where these ‘uni­son’ notes re­side is an es­sen­tial part of learn­ing the logic of the fret­board and ex­tremely use­ful when nav­i­gat­ing the gui­tar and even­tu­ally find­ing the notes you are look­ing for. The lo­ca­tions of the uni­son notes on the gui­tar are made slightly more com­pli­cated due to its asym­met­ri­cal tun­ing. The strings are tuned ‘EADGBE’, which means the low­est four strings are 4th in­ter­val apart, but the third and sec­ond strings are a 3rd apart; fi­nally the sec­ond and first strings are again tuned to a 4th. This means that uni­son notes are al­ways found five frets apart, ex­cept for the third and sec­ond strings which are al­ways four frets apart in con­ven­tional gui­tar tun­ing.

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