Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Rockschool -

When pick­ing a note or strum­ming a chord you have two choices; do you use an up­stroke or a down­stroke. It seems log­i­cal that a down­beat should be played with a down­stroke, since this is usu­ally the first note or chord of the song and it just feels right to hit that string con­fi­dently from above, much as a drum­mer would hit a snare drum. Us­ing down­strokes for down­beats of course con­versely means that up­strokes are good for up­beats. This is ac­tu­ally a very good sys­tem to con­nect the in­her­ent rhyth­mic struc­ture of the part you are play­ing to the phys­i­cal feel­ing of play­ing it. Gen­er­ally for most play­ers, up­strokes are weaker than down­strokes, so it is a good idea to de­vote some prac­tice time to strength­en­ing them.

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