Paul Biela­tow­icz takes on the style of Dream The­ater’s as­tound­ing axe hero, John Petrucci.

Guitar Techniques - - Contents -

ex­am­ple 1 This first ex­am­ple shows Petrucci’s use of rhyth­mic dis­place­ment. The lick is played us­ing a re­peat­ing pat­tern of three 16th notes, mean­ing that the first note of each group­ing of three starts in a dif­fer­ent place within the beat, each time it’s re­peated.

ex­am­ple 2 Here we have an ex­am­ple of Petrucci’s ter­ri­fy­ing al­ter­nate pick­ing se­quences. In this in­stance, the run as­cends six notes of the E nat­u­ral mi­nor scale (E F# G A B C D), at which point it de­scends one scale de­gree to play an­other six as­cend­ing scale steps.

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