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Guitar Techniques - - Play: Pentatonic -

Jazz Ex 19 For this 3/4 ex­am­ple in G we are think­ing ‘D mi­nor pen­ta­tonic’ for the I7 chords, which is a handy way of play­ing a mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale in a Mixoly­dian con­text, such as a dom­i­nant 7th chord. For the IV7 (C7) we can think ‘G mi­nor pen­ta­tonic’ - in other words the mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale start­ing from the 5th of the dom­i­nant 7th chord. Try ex­per­i­ment­ing with your thumb to strum the oc­taves (Wes Mont­gomery style), pay­ing ex­tra at­ten­tion to mut­ing with your fret­ting hand fin­gers to pre­vent un­wanted notes from ring­ing.

Jazz Ex 20 This fi­nal jazz ex­am­ple is in C, al­though in stan­dard jazz fash­ion it moves away from the di­a­tonic chords of C ma­jor. Again we play the mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale that starts on the 3rd of each ma­jor chord. In other words, we are us­ing E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (Cmaj7 chord), A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (Fmaj7 chord), G mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (Eb­maj7 chord) and C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (Ab­maj7 chord).

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