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[Gen­eral] This amaz­ing piece con­sists of a semi­qua­ver ar­peg­gio fig­ure through­out. It’s a lot more tech­ni­cally sim­ple to play on key­board than gui­tar, but it’s nice to have it in our reper­toire. The first four bars work very eas­ily – al­low the bass note to sus­tain through­out the bar, and the ar­peg­gio notes can also be al­lowed to ring on. There is some pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing in­di­cated at the start. At bar 5 you need a first fin­ger barre at the 2nd fret and the fourth fin­ger frets across the top two strings. [Bar 8] At bars 8 and 9 it is not phys­i­cally pos­si­ble to sus­tain the bass notes and this is where the gui­tar trans­po­si­tion loses its con­sis­tency and is un­for­tu­nately slightly com­pro­mised. The same thing hap­pens a few more times in the piece so the aim is to sim­ply play as smoothly and flu­ently as pos­si­ble, to keep the lis­tener fo­cused on the lovely har­monic se­quences.

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