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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bars 1- 4] We kick off pro­ceed­ings with some one- oc­tave arpeg­gios: up and down each. You will have to em­ploy a barré roll ap­proach al­most im­me­di­ately to play the ini­tial Am. Note that there is of­ten an el­e­ment of hav­ing to think ahead when pre­par­ing to de­scend an ar­peg­gio us­ing a barré roll. For ex­am­ple, when plac­ing the first fin­ger down for the sixth note in bar 1, the note on the first string has to be held quite far down the ‘print’ part of the fin­ger, so that there is enough fin­ger left to sub­se­quently press down the fol­low­ing two notes on the sec­ond and third strings. [Bars 5- 8] More one- oc­tave arpeg­gios here: this time, we’re play­ing down and up each shape. Here, the ‘think­ing ahead’ el­e­ment is even more pro­nounced when us­ing a barré roll move­ment than in the pre­vi­ous four bars, be­cause we’re start­ing by de­scend­ing an ar­peg­gio each time (whereas, by al­ways start­ing with an as­cend­ing ar­peg­gio in bars 1- 4, the fin­gers would have al­ready been in place).

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