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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bars 9-12] Here, we ex­pand things to two-oc­tave arpeg­gios: in this case, as­cend­ing ones. Tech­ni­cally, you might want to use one down sweep for each shape, rather than start with an up­stroke. Also, you may pre­fer to pick the third note in the fi­nal ar­peg­gio, be­cause this note might be too weak if played with a ham­mer-on so far up the neck (of course a lot of fac­tors come into play here, in­clud­ing your gui­tar and pickup type, and the strength of your hands). [Bars 13-16] More two- oc­tave arpeg­gios here, ex­cept this time they are of the de­scend­ing kind.

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