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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bars 17-20] We con­tinue with two- oc­tave arpeg­gios but now al­ter­nat­ing be­tween play­ing up one shape and down the next. You might want to pick the penul­ti­mate note in bar 20 as, again, play­ing this note us­ing a pull- off might be too prob­lem­atic so high on the gui­tar neck. [Bars 21-24] We fin­ish off the 16th-note sec­tion of our work­out by play­ing each ar­peg­gio us­ing four-note se­quences, de­scend­ing and as­cend­ing. [Bars 25-26] From this stage on­wards, we shift up a gear to 16th-note triplets. Here, we start with one- oc­tave arpeg­gios, down and up for each. [Bars 27-28] More one- oc­tave arpeg­gios for these two bars; this time go­ing up and down for each.

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