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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bars 29-32] Next, we move down one two- oc­tave ar­peg­gio and up the next (try also prac­tis­ing up one ar­peg­gio and down the next). Apart from the ini­tial down-stroke in bar 29 (which is played be­cause the pre­ced­ing note was on the sec­ond string), note that each ar­peg­gio is played with just one sweep­ing ac­tion. You might want to pick all the notes on the fifth string for the G ar­peg­gio in the sec­ond half of bar 32 if the notes sound too weak (or are just too dif­fi­cult to play us­ing ham­mer- ons and pull- offs). [Bars 33-36] We con­clude by play­ing each form us­ing three-note se­quences, de­scend­ing each in­ver­sion of Am and as­cend­ing each in­ver­sion of G. Make sure that you also prac­tise do­ing the op­po­site.

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