Ex­am­ple ROCK’N’ROLL STYLE solo

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bars 1-12] The first time round the se­quence is a set of phrases us­ing Travis pick­ing. This is the hard­est part of the solo, as you need to have a good com­mand of the tech­nique to play it flu­ently. If you’re new to the tech­nique, try the first bar and play just the bass notes un­til they feel ro­botic. Then grad­u­ally in­tro­duce the ap­pro­pri­ate tre­ble strings one at a time while keep­ing those bass notes go­ing. Fret the full open chord shapes, pay at­ten­tion to the pick­ing hand sug­ges­tions - and hang in there! [Bars 13-16] The first of these two licks fea­tures a mi­nor 3rd dou­ble-stop and a 4th dou­ble-stop played over the E chord. The de­scend­ing slides are tricky but es­sen­tial. Al­ter­nate pick­ing will make the E pedal tone sound fluid. The sec­ond lick uses a ‘di­min­ished 5th’ dou­ble-stop com­mon to the style, in­ter­spersed with notes from E ma­jor pen­ta­tonic (E F# G# B C#). [Bars 17-20] Back to some Travis pick­ing! The first two bars are based round an A dom­i­nant 9th chord with the root note on the fifth string.

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