Ex­am­ple9 Speedy dou­ble-time line in Eb and C

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Benson moves up an Eb­maj7 ar­peg­gio and slides up to the 9th (F) on the Eb­maj7 chord. He then de­scends chro­mat­i­cally around an Eb­maj7 ar­peg­gio and out­lines C7b9 on beat 4 over the C7#5. He out­lines the Fm7 chord then sug­gests C7, and over the Bb7 plays a short II-V- I out­lin­ing Fm7 and Bb9 re­solv­ing to Eb ma­jor pen­ta­tonic. Over the G13 he throws in a de­scend­ing Dm pen­ta­tonic with 9th (E) added, sug­gest­ing Dm7 and G7, re­solv­ing to C and mov­ing into an in­ter­val­lic idea around Em pen­ta­tonic. We fin­ish with a Cmaj9 ar­peg­gio with a clos­ing triplet flurry fea­tur­ing a very ‘out­side’ D#.

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