Ex­am­ple8 Dou­ble-time line over fast mov­ing changes

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Over this mid tempo se­quence Benson plays a dou­ble time 16th note idea. On the ini­tial short II-V- I in Eb he out­lines the changes tonally, stay­ing in Eb ma­jor for the first two bars and sug­gest­ing Ab­maj7 over the A7#11. Over the short II-V- I in Db in the third bar he gets more chro­matic, roughly out­lin­ing the Ebm7 and Ab7, then sug­gest­ing Abm7 over the Db­maj7, fol­lowed by a G7 ar­peg­gio over the G7#5 and re­solv­ing to C mi­nor on the Cm7.

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