Ex­am­ple AVETT BROTH­ERS style

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 1] We’re straight into the em­bel­lished chords here with the move­ment tak­ing place on the fourth string. Use ham­mer- ons to make things sound smooth – pick­ing ev­ery note would re­move the ‘bounce’ that this ap­proach gives. Ac­cu­racy is needed to pluck the bass notes fol­lowed by the chords.

[Bar 2] As you’ll dis­cover, syn­co­pa­tion is very com­mon in this style. This just means that chords are of­ten sus­tained over the beat so they are played on the ‘and’. If you are new to this then it may feel a bit awk­ward at first but per­se­vere and soon it will feel very nat­u­ral. [Bar 13] The as­cend­ing bass notes on the 2nd and 3rd frets add a ris­ing bass fig­ure against the Em chord. This can be a use­ful de­vice for a singer­song­writer when leading into a cho­rus, for ex­am­ple. It also adds va­ri­ety to sim­pler pro­gres­sions.

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