Ex­am­ple AVETT BROTH­ERS style

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 14] Some­times you’ll find fig­ures like these on the sec­ond and third strings, 3rd based dou­ble-stops that just get you briefly away from straight chord play­ing. They are use­ful be­cause the same old chord pro­gres­sions can end up sound­ing just like… the same old chord pro­gres­sions! Ex­per­i­ment with adding these types of phrases to your own rhythm play­ing. [Bar 20] This F ma­jor 7 with the C as the bass note is a com­mon and use­ful voic­ing – it gets you away from the clunky sound­ing F ma­jor barre chord and also sounds great! [Bar 26] By now you’ll have no­ticed that the rhythms are pre­dom­i­nantly quavers/eighth notes and semi- quavers/16th notes. For this rea­son your strum­ming hand wants to be re­ally re­laxed with this style and be able to shift seam­lessly be­tween these two rhyth­mic val­ues.

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