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Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

1. 12 bar blues in A mi­nor

With a slight pop swing feel, use an over driven gui­tar tone and fo­cus on A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (A C D E G) for your main melodic ideas. For more va­ri­ety con­sider A blues scale (A C D Eb E G) and/or A nat­u­ral mi­nor (A B C D E F G).

2. Cy­cle of 4ths in D mi­nor

This fea­tures two pro­gres­sions; Dm-F-Bb-A7 and Gm7-C-F-BbGm7-A7-Dm-D7, of which the lat­ter con­sists of a cy­cle of 4ths pro­gres­sion (Gm7-C-F-Bb). Try D mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (D F G A C) then G mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (G Bb C D F) for the two pro­gres­sions. For the next level of ex­cel­lence, fo­cus on chord tones over each of the chords (eg A, C#, E and G notes over the A7 chord).

3. Cheery Blues in F ma­jor

This 12/8 up­beat groover fea­tures two chord pro­gres­sions: Bb-Eb-F then Db­maj7-Cm7Eb/F-F. Nu­mer­ous solo­ing op­tions here; F mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (F Ab Bb C Eb) for bluesy licks or F Mixoly­dian (F G A Bb C D Eb) to tie in with the first pro­gres­sion. As for the sec­ond se­quence, try F mi­nor pen­ta­tonic for Db­ma­j7Cm7 then F Mixoly­dian for Eb/F-F.

4. Rock Stomp in E mi­nor

This is a sim­ple pro­gres­sion go­ing be­tween sec­tions con­sist­ing of Em and Am7-D/A-Am7. E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (E G A B D) is a great choice for the Em sec­tion while A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (A C D E G) or A Do­rian (A B C D E F# G) will fit well over the Am7-D/A sec­tions.

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