Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

This month’s lick il­lus­trates two dif­fer­ent ways to add chro­matic or non-scale notes to your licks. The first of these, in bar 1, is triplet based and con­tains a mix­ture of bent and fret­ted notes to chro­mat­i­cally as­cend the sec­ond string. No­tice here how the first two notes with string bends are pretty tense against the chord – b5 (Eb) and b6 (F). These notes how­ever are both speed­ily re­solved to stronger, more sta­ble notes – ie 5th (E) and 6th (F#). Bar 2 fea­tures a cou­ple of held bends – a tone (G-A) fol­lowed by a semi­tone (F#-G). Take care to pitch both of these ac­cu­rately. Bars 3 and 4 bars con­tain a short blues scale lick (R-b3-4-b5-5-b7) fol­lowed by a chro­matic de­cent that sees the sec­ond in­stance of chro­mat­ics via first fin­ger slides on the third string. Once, again there are a cou­ple of tense pass­ing notes here – the 7th (G#) and the b2/ b9 (Bb). These notes also quickly re­solve to the tar­get root note of A in bar 4, to be­come set­tled.

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