Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

[Cho­rus 1, Bars 1–12] This first cho­rus starts with some clas­sic Al­bert King style string bend­ing. Be sure to warm up be­fore at­tempt­ing this amount of bend­ing. To help you achieve au­then­tic phras­ing, all of the fin­ger­ings and pick and fin­ger strokes are no­tated. Take time to study these, as pluck­ing hard with the sec­ond fin­ger and dig­ging in hard with down picks are key com­po­nents of the style. Bar 10 fea­tures the clas­sic SRV punc­tu­a­tion. To get this sound, lightly fret the notes as in­di­cated and strike the strings with a down pick. Press down on the strings as you slide your hand down the neck.

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