Guitar Techniques - - Play: Country -

EX­AM­PLE 1: CHET ATKINS As a pro­ducer for RCA Nashville, Chet found him­self play­ing on many records that came out of Mu­sic Row. Be­low are what Chet de­scribed as banjo rolls, he mostly played these dur­ing a solo and they were played in sym­pa­thy with the ac­com­pa­ny­ing chords. I per­son­ally use a thumbpick for any­thing that I play ‘Chet style’, but hy­brid pick­ing will work just as well here. Rest­ing your wrist/hand on the bridge of your gui­tar will help im­prove your pick­ing ac­cu­racy.

EX­AM­PLE 2: HANK GAR­LAND Su­gar­foot Gar­land, named af­ter his hit Su­gar­foot Rag, was a monster player on the Nashville scene, but his true love was jazz. This idea is based on solo­ing around a barred open po­si­tion C ma­jor shape. Many coun­try gui­tarists pre­fer to vi­su­alise the chords when solo­ing, and do­ing so does tend to in­flu­ence one’s note se­lec­tion. Play­ing neigh­bour­ing notes of the ac­tual chord tones also helps you throw in some chro­mati­cism. The 9th chords are a voic­ing of­ten heard in Hank’s record­ings.

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