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EX­AM­PLE 3: REG­GIE YOUNG If ever there was a case of the im­por­tance a ses­sion mu­si­cian plays in find­ing those hooks and licks then Reg­gie Young has to be is it. He is re­spon­si­ble for such iconic licks as Dusty Spring­field’s Son Of A Preacher Man and Elvis’ Sus­pi­cious Minds. Reg­gie is renowned for his use of soul­ful dou­ble-stops and 6ths, so much so that many pro­duc­ers will now ask of gui­tarists on a ses­sion, “Can you play some Reg­gie Young over this?”. Use the pads of your fin­gers for the dou­ble-stop slides.

EX­AM­PLE 4: BRENT MA­SON Like Chet, Brent plays with a thumbpick and this has led to his in­stantly recog­nis­able sound. The con­stant drone of the fifth string here is a chal­lenge some­what akin to the child­hood game of rub­bing your tummy while tap­ping your head. Start by learn­ing the first two beats’ worth of notes, then grad­u­ally in­cor­po­rate one more note un­til you’ve built up the en­tire phrase. Use al­ter­nate pick­ing to achieve the pick­ing speed of the 16th-note triplet. Aim to ‘pop’ the dou­ble-stops to give a per­cus­sive ef­fect.

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