Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bars 25-26] We re­visit the pedal tech­nique for these two bars, only this time the pedal is a sin­gle note (not three, as be­fore). Fur­ther­more, it em­ploys sin­gle chord tones be­low and then above the pedal note. For ex­am­ple, over the Am chord, the pedal note is A, and is played ev­ery other note. The first chord tones (E on the third string, and C on the fourth string) are be­low it, whereas the last two chord tones (C on the sixth string, and E

GGGFGon the first string) are ac­tu­ally above it. [Bars 27-28] These two bars are the same as bars 11 & 12, only played an in­ver­sion higher on each ar­peg­gio lad­der. [Bars 29-33] This fi­nal four- bar pas­sage is based on some of the same prin­ci­ples shown in bars 9 and 10, only this time, we’re de­scend­ing as well as as­cend­ing the mo­tif.


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