Ex­am­ple2 Funky line over changes

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

For this funky 16th note line Benson starts in C ma­jor over the Cmaj7 chord, then as­cends chro­mat­i­cally over the Bm7, mov­ing into a de­scend­ing E Do­rian idea from beat 2 of Bm7 and over the Em7. On the Am7 he ini­tially sug­gests E7 then moves up A Do­rian, then A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic over the D9 and uses en­cir­clement (see GT168) to set up the res­o­lu­tion to Gmaj7, land­ing on the 3rd (B) and 5th (D). Over the Db9 he sug­gests Db Ly­dian b7 be­fore an­tic­i­pat­ing the chord change, sweep­ing up a C6 ar­peg­gio and back down what could be seen as a sub­sti­tuted D mi­nor blues scale or an im­plied G7b9 over the Cmaj7 and end­ing on the 3rd (E). Learn tricky ideas slowly at first - nail the fin­ger­ing per­fectly be­fore you at­tempt any speed.

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