Ex­am­ple8 Dom­i­nant vamp line in F

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

EThis pri­mar­ily F Mixoly­dian line fea­tures Benson’s trade­mark note flur­ries and a se­ries of su­per­im­posed arpeg­gios. Over an F13­sus vamp Benson starts out around Eb­maj7 arpeg­gios, then in bar 2 comes down Gm7, Dm7 and Cm7 arpeg­gios. In the third bar he de­scends chro­mat­i­cally from A to Eb then skips up to Bb, then out­lines Cm9 and G7 on beats 3 and 4. The fi­nal bar fea­tures an idea echo­ing an ar­peg­gio/scale pat­tern used in Ex 5 last month, and is quite chal­leng­ing; in a speedy flurry Benson out­lines Eb­maj7 and F9 then comes down C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic with a 9th added to close.

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