Ex­am­ple9 Dom­i­nant vamp line in E

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Again right up the dusty end, Benson starts around Bm7 and E7 with E mixoly­dian, and continues the idea in bar two with a lit­tle chro­matic move­ment added. He then moves into a se­ries of de­scend­ing su­per­im­posed arpeg­gios as he out­lines F#m7, E7, Dmaj7, C#m7 and Bm7 and for the fi­nal two bars switches be­tween Bm7 and E7 again, throw­ing in an im­plied F#7 - Bm7 res­o­lu­tion at the end of the penul­ti­mate bar.

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