Ex­am­ple SARAH JAROSZ style

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 1] The first thing is to be­come com­fort­able with the re­peat­ing bass fig­ure, which in this case is played on the sixth and fourth strings. Count ‘1 GUI­TAR TECH­NIQUES 2 31 GUI­TAR and 2 and TECH­NIQUES 3 and 4 and’ to get 2 31 this in place, prefer­ably with a metronome GUI­TAR so you can TECH­NIQUES get used to the un­der­ly­ing 2 31 pulse. [Bar 3] You should see that al­though the chords are chang­ing, the rhyth­mic pat­tern re­mains the same with the syn­co­pa­tion in the same place each time. [Bar 5] Here’s a change and a very com­mon type of em­bel­lish­ment on the first beat with the ham­mer- on from the open third string to the 2nd fret. This can be a tricky tech­nique to ex­e­cute while main­tain­ing the rhythm so get used to this sec­tion on its own first. [Bar 7] Here the rhyth­mic em­bel­lish­ment from bar 5 is flipped so now it ap­pears on the bass line from the open 5th string to the 2nd fret.

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