Ex­am­ple SARAH JAROSZ style

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 17] Here’s a great tech­nique bor­rowed from banjo styles – to sound the chord at the end of beat three flick the strings with the nail on the pick­ing ‘m’ fin­ger 2 Acous­tic to get a re­ally per­cus­sive sound. [Bar 29] An­other banjo in­flu­enced phrase here, at the start of beat 3 you can ei­ther pick or slap the sixth string with the pick­ing hand thumb then flick the first chord with the nail of the ‘m’ fin­ger; then strike the same chord again with an up­ward flick on the pick­ing hand ‘i’ fin­ger. Tech­niques like these might feel me­chan­i­cal at first, but they will soon sound nat­u­ral.

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