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Just wanted to say I re­ally loved Marty Fried­man's take on many of the ‘What Strings Do You Use?’ ques­tions (June 2014). His an­swers high­light the fact that, in the end, the equip­ment is sec­ondary to be­ing a mu­si­cian, and lov­ing mu­sic. We all prob­a­bly know of people who have stacks of equip­ment and spend most of their prac­tice time ad­just­ing, tweak­ing and re­set­ting lev­els, to the detri­ment of their ac­tual play­ing. Also, Marty's an­swer to the 'Is there any­one's play­ing (past or present) that you're slightly jeal­ous of?' ques­tion is also an in­di­ca­tion of his true com­mit­ment to mu­sic. I know that ques­tion is prob­a­bly meant to be tongue in cheek but, as Marty says, any­one who is jeal­ous of an­other per­son is se­ri­ously miss­ing the point! Yuri Unkovich, Dublin

Marty cer­tainly told it like he saw it, didn’t he? Yes, many of the ques­tions are slightly tongue in cheek, in or­der to elicit some kind of re­sponse. And we are al­ways de­lighted when a great player en­gages with them – some take them very se­ri­ously, oth­ers like to have a bit of a joke while oth­ers have been known to shrug them off and not give them the time of day. We like to print ex­actly what they say, as we feel these funny lit­tle Q&As of­fer per­haps a bet­ter in­sight into a player than the stan­dard in­ter­view. It was also quite funny in the same is­sue how Guthrie Go­van ad­mit­ted he’d evaded most of them!

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