Twist­ing Jazz-Blues Lick

Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

This month we see a de­scend­ing jazzy-blues lick in the key of E, played against an E9 chord. Over­all this can be viewed as us­ing notes from the E blues scale (E G A Bb B D); how­ever, there is also the ma­jor 3rd (G#) added as a chord tone and the note C# (ma­jor 6th) for additional colour. As you play through it, no­tice the fre­quent use of open strings – these are mostly used as pedal tones and are all chord tones taken from E9 (E G# B D F#). Even though the lick is gen­er­ally de­scend­ing, the in­ter­nal line of notes changes di­rec­tion quite a bit. Rhyth­mi­cally, all the 8th notes should be played with a ‘swing’ feel, as in­di­cated in the no­ta­tion. Af­ter mas­ter­ing this lick don’t for­get to com­pose sim­i­lar ideas of your own, in as many keys as you can.

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