Prac­tis­ing With A Swing Feel


Guitar Techniques - - Play: Timing -

In swing mu­sic the ac­cents are shifted from beats 1 and 3 to beats 2 and 4. To ac­cen­tu­ate the ac­cents on beats 2 and 4 we can place the click of the metronome on these beats. This place­ment of the click on beats 2 and 4 pre­sents a cou­ple of key chal­lenges. Firstly there is no click on beat 1 and this can be very dis­con­cert­ing if you are not used to it. You may find you nat­u­rally hear the click as beat 1 and it will take a fair bit of prac­tice to lock into the click rep­re­sent­ing beat 2 and 4 not 1 and 3. Sec­ondly, there are half as many clicks per bar so your in­ter­nal clock is tested as you will need to feel where beats one and three are in­ter­nally, as they are not rep­re­sented au­rally. Some jazz gui­tar leg­ends favour this a lot!

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