Ex­ER­CISe 6 The Beat 1 Blues


Guitar Techniques - - Play: Timing -

The 12-bar blues of­fers a fa­mil­iar play­ing field for prac­tis­ing our skills. Here 3 the click has been pro­gramed to give us beat 1 of the bar. This is hard to play along with, as you will need to feel where beats 2, 3 and 4 are. To make things even tougher, some of the bars have no click at all! Check out the click no­ta­tion above the stave to see how the form is rep­re­sented with clicks. You can of course play any rhythm or lead gui­tar ideas that fol­low the 12-bar blues form. Why not try this idea with other songs you know. It is a re­ally good test and very re­ward­ing once mas­tered.

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