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Guitar Techniques - - Play: Arpeggios -

To play the ideas in this fea­ture vir­tu­ally any sound will do, rang­ing from acous­tic gui­tar right through to an over­driven elec­tric. The lead gui­tar tone used for the au­dio ex­am­ples here was cre­ated with an Ibanez Tube Screamer and the bridge pickup of a PRS Cus­tom 22. You may find a neck pickup set­ting can be flat­ter­ing, es­pe­cially for the faster pick­ing runs. Jazz gui­tarists, too, of­ten favour the neck pickup as it has a fuller tone, helps re­duce pick­ing noise and adds smooth­ness. With some prac­tice a bridge pickup tone sounds great and cuts through, but you will need to be more ac­cu­rate. To get the sound from this ar­ti­cle sim­ply se­lect your bridge or neck pickup, dig in hard and dial up a nice crunchy over­drive with a touch of re­verb.

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