Ex­am­ple 1 DOM­I­NANT 7th Arpeg­gios With Smooth Tra nsi­tions


Guitar Techniques - - Play: Arpeggios -

This first ex­am­ple is a good work­out that nav­i­gates the 12-bar blues form with dom­i­nant 7th ar­peg­gio shapes. The idea here is to es­tab­lish a fret­board roadmap of where all the notes are, and also es­tab­lish some good points to link the var­i­ous arpeg­gios. For this first ex­am­ple the fin­ger­ing has also been no­tated (small num­bers next to the no­ta­tion). To keep things sim­ple from a rhyth­mic stand­point we are us­ing 8th notes (qua­ver) ex­clu­sively. Ob­vi­ously this is not a fully func­tion­ing solo yet, but it demon­strates how ef­fec­tive us­ing arpeg­gios can be. Once you have mas­tered this you can use the back­ing track to im­pro­vise, us­ing a mix­ture of ar­peg­gio ideas and more con­ven­tional blues phrases. Check out the tran­si­tions be­tween the chords. Some favourites are go­ing from E (3rd of C7) to F (root of F7) and Bb (mi­nor 7th of C7) to A (3rd of F7). You can also use pass­ing notes from out­side the tonal­ity. These pass­ing tones add colour and also make the tran­si­tions smooth and so­phis­ti­cated.

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