Ex­am­ple 4 Mi­nor 7th Arpeg­gios With Faster Pasag es


Guitar Techniques - - Play: Arpeggios -

This fi­nal ex­am­ple puts our mi­nor blues roadmap to work and com­bines some of our ar­peg­gio con­cepts with more con­ven­tional blues ideas such as string bend­ing and vi­brato. The as­cend­ing triplet ar­peg­gio flour­ishes are best played with sweep pick­ing (a sin­gle stroke across the strings). These have been no­tated in the tab and an as­cend­ing ar­peg­gio is played with a down­ward sweep of the pick and a de­scend­ing ar­peg­gio with an up­ward sweep. Some ar­tic­u­la­tion such as fin­ger slides, vi­brato and string bend­ing will re­ally help to breath life into the phrases. The ba­sic rule here is you can’t do too much of this - the more nuance and ar­tic­u­la­tion the bet­ter. The de­scend­ing E ma­jor arpeg­gios in bar 10 are a bit fid­dly but worth the ef­fort as they up the ex­cite­ment level greatly.

John Mayer: adept at arpeg­gia­tion!

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