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[In­tro: Bars 1- 6] The first two bars fea­ture this quirky open­ing lead line. This part is all about the feel, so don’t be too con­cerned about mut­ing the open strings, just dig in and give it some! The main riff idea is played in bar 3 and this is re­peated with var­i­ous slight dif­fer­ences through the verses. Check out the strum­ming di­rec­tions, as nail­ing this as­pect will help to get and keep the groove. The back­ing has a hi-hat hit­ting on the down­beats to keep time through the first four bars. The drums en­ter at bar 5 and we’re off. [Verse 1: Bars 7-10] The verse riff is es­sen­tially the same through­out. The key com­po­nents are the semi­qua­ver strum­ming rhythm and the use of muted strokes. The muted strokes are no­tated with an X and are played by hold­ing the fret­ting hand lightly on the strings so as to stop them vi­brat­ing when played. Fin­ger vi­brato is added to the D chord in bars 8 and 10 and this is played by shak­ing the first fin­ger, 7th fret barre and down. This track is all about feel, so keep the reins on those horses and hold back!

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