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[Bridge: Bars 11-18] The bridge sec­tion fea­tures a catchy mi­nor pen­ta­tonic run punc­tu­ated with a power chord. The riff mo­du­lates up a tone from A to B to add to the ex­cite­ment. Use al­ter­nate pick­ing to play the riff and do your very best to the keep all the notes sound­ing even (while also watch­ing your tim­ing!). A light palm mute will help ac­cen­tu­ate the rhythm as­pect of the riff as well as fat­ten the sound. The bridge ends with the all-im­por­tant E7#9 chord, which is a sta­ple of the funk rock style. [Link 1: Bars 19–20] The verse riff again, tak­ing us into verse two.

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