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[Gui­tar solo: Bars 51-52] This sec­tion breaks down to solo gui­tar, but the back­ing track has the hi-hat beat­ing through to keep you in time. Play­ing the open fifth string and bend­ing the fourth string, 10th fret up a quar­ter tone, is a key com­po­nent that Joe in­cludes most times he per­forms it live. [Link 3: Bars 53-56] This sec­tion fea­tures a slight vari­a­tion on the verse riff. The mute strokes on the off beats are played with up strokes. You may find this a lit­tle tricky if you are not used to it. The D chord is also dis­placed to later in the bar, which pro­vides some con­trast with the orig­i­nal verse riff.

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